The Bronze Age – Our top bronzers for mature skin to get that summer-ready look
Dual-purpose beauty products are the way forward
January 14, 2016 | By: High50
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Bronzers are a great way to freshen up your look and get summer-ready

Summer is approaching and with it comes the big reveal of skin that accompanies the warmer weather.

It is well known that we need to protect and hydrate our skin, and the array of beauty products on the market pay testament to their popularity; but what about the bonus of a bit of summer glow?


Bronzers have been with us for a while now and come in both powder and liquid form. For the more mature amongst us, the general advice is use a cream bronzer as any excess powder can and will stick in creases and lines. The aim is for a lighter, dewy texture to cover and blend into the skin and less is definitely more, especially with the sensitive area of skin under the eyes. If you still insist on using powder then use a small brush to allow for a more accurate application.

It should be incredibly easy to pick a bronzer that is complementary to your skin tone and, whilst testing products is something we all do, it is advisable to test creams around the back of your jawline and down the neck. This area of skin is less pigmented and best represents your natural skin tone.

Beauty industry insiders maintain that dual-purpose beauty products are the way forward and a lot of bronzers double up as moisturisers. With this in mind we have listed a few bronzing products below that will give you the ultimate sun-kissed glow.

Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser


The more mature face will suit something with a light, fresh and balmy texture, such as Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisturising balm (£36.50).


Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer (£28), which is part of their Tahiti Bronze Collection, blends effortlessly into the skin for that all-over glow.


Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel (£32) is amazing. It is a cream-gel bronzer that leaves a velvety sun-kissed finish. Chanel’s application advice is to lightly dab on the product, starting in the centre of the face and working outwards, making sure to blend in well.

And not forgetting the men in your life we have the Clinique for Men Face Bronzer (£19)

For those still loyal to powder… don’t despair!

The Tom Ford Bronzing Powder, (£48)Guerlain Moisturising Bronzing Powder (£35.50) and Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow (£49) are some that are mature-skin reliable, and can add that something special if care is taken with application.

Have fun with bronzers.. throw in a sunny smile and a spring in your step and away you go. Enjoy!


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