DIY grooming: gadgets for the new you
September 14, 2011 | By:

No time to get professionally primped, preened, pampered or waxed? Keep up your grooming with a handy home gadget, says Daniela Soave

Beauty_DIY grooming gadgets for the new youEveryone loves gadgets. They make life easier at work, home and play, making jobs efficient, faster, cleaner, more economic. They also tick those boxes when it comes to beauty and fitness routines.

Let’s face it, we work hard and like to play harder. We deserve to indulge ourselves when it comes to looking after our wellbeing. In these time-pressed days, we can’t always get to the gym, the barber or the beauty salon. But nowadays, doing the job yourself doesn’t have to mean it’s sub-standard, thanks to the advance in home grooming gadgets. And if you’re going to buy a machine, you may as well buy the best one for the job.

no!no! pink lidno!no!8800 hair removal system, £193.50

Few of us can bear to self-wax in order to get smooth, hair-free skin, which means going back to the razor or depilatory creams. But now there is a better option. The no! no! system works in a similar manner to laser hair removal but uses Themicon technology, using heat to destroy hair follicles and to slow down re-growth. This makes it painless, safe and effective. It’s suitable for men as well as women, for all skin types, and can be used on face, underarms, legs and bikini line, giving a smooth and professional finish.

Slendertone FaceSlendertone Face, Slendertone Face for Men, £300

Once we hit 30, male or female, the delicate muscles in our face lose elasticity and start to sag. Massage helps to slow this process. This nifty machine gives your fizzog a facial workout that tones muscle structure and firms skin, working on the 21 mimetic muscles lying directly under the skin that dictate the depth of deep wrinkles. The machine’s gentle stimulation boosts muscle volume, plumps the skin and increases circulation, which improves skin condition and rejuvenates the complexion. If the less metrosexually inclined males think this is all a bit girly, think again: Men’s Health Magazine voted Slendertone Face for Men ten out of ten.

Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System, £120–£179

The technology behind that good old Sonicare toothbrush has been harnessed to create a new breakthrough in skincare. It was originally employed as a pre-treatment therapy by dermatologists and in spas, and is now available to use at home. The brush uses a gentle sonic micro-massage action to cleanse deeply without harsh abrasion or chemicals. Clinical results show that six times more make-up is removed than with manual cleansing and it has also been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reviber Plus, £249.99

Sometimes it’s just a journey too far to get to the gym, or there’s simply not the time. This might be the cheat’s way out, but it is a surprisingly effective alternative. The Reviber Plus is an easy-to-store vibration exercise-plate that is an efficient way to keep toned at home. It can increase metabolism and fat reduction, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. The Reviber has 15 speed settings to vary the intensity of exercise and claims to make users fitter, stronger and more toned if used three to four times a week for 15 minutes each time.

Panasonic shaverPanasonic ES-LV81 Linear Shaver, RRP £329.99

If women had to shave every day they wouldn’t baulk at spending a sizeable amount on superior kit. This top-of-the-range fully immersible wet and dry shaver offers an exceptionally close shave and can be used with water, foam or gel, and performs superbly as a dry shaver. It has a 14,000rpm linear motor for a more comfortable shave, a five-blade cutting system, a flexible head that fits against the skin and an automatic self-cleaning system.

Inner balanceInner Balance Shoulder Neck Massager sm100, £59.99

This massage system is not just for neck and shoulders; it can be used on your back, waist and legs. It stimulates blood flow by hugging a targeted area of your body. It uses a power drum massage with a built-in heating function to relieve aches and encourage relaxation. With five pre-programmed massage options, and eight adjustable intensity levels, it can give a gentle or a more vigorous massage.



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