Five reasons to use face oils over 40
March 15, 2018 | By: High50
Oils may be the last thing you'd think of using on your face, thinking them too greasy, but knowing how they can make skin more youthful might just change your mind

Left to right: Rodin Ollo Lusso (photo courtesy of Liberty); Clarins Blue Orchid oil; Trilogy Rosehip Oil; Dr Haushka Clarifying Day Oil

1 It’s more effective than moisturiser

From your 40s onwards, wrinkles look more pronounced as your skin produces less of its natural oils and starts to dry out. Most face creams contain waxes and water, which help hold on to moisture on the surface of the skin.

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2 Powerful antioxidant protection

Even a high factor 50 sunscreen only gives skin 98 per cent protection against ageing UV rays and the damaging free radicals that they generate. To help remove the free radicals that have snuck past your sunscreen, causing wrinkles and pigmentation, you need antioxidants.

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 3 Replacement for foundation primer

Add two drops of face oil into your foundation. It’s a great backstage trick used by make-up artists to smooth and add radiance to a model’s skin. The oil instantly hydrates and prevents pigment in the foundation from settling into fine lines.

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4 Suitable for sensitive skin

High-tech anti-ageing ingredients have one downside: they can cause irritation for more sensitive skin. Botanical oils are chemical free and are able deliver their active ingredients without irritating the surface of the skin; two big bonuses.

There is one caveat, though: just ensure this redness isn’t caused by rosacea, a skin condition characterised by flushed skin and dilated blood vessels. Any oil – be it in a face oil, moisturiser or foundation – will cause rosacea-prone skin to flare up.

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5 Oils balance oily skin

You may think that applying face oil to oily skin is like waving a green flag for more oily skin and blocked pores but  treating like with like improves the look of oily skin.  Look out for the word ‘balancing’ on the bottle, and for apricot kernel, almond and wheat germ oils.

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