Best summer make-up: the definitive guide to heat-resistant looks for the city, beach or country
June 11, 2018 | By: High50
Trust us, it IS still possible to look polished when it’s 30 degrees. Whether you’re holidaying at the beach, countryside or city, we reveals the beauty essentials to pack

Summer-makeup_holiday-beauty-for-over-50sThe city break

A facial mist

Even a short haul flight can dehydrate your skin. With humidity of less than ten per cent, an aeroplane cabin is twice as dry as the Sahara desert so it’s important to keep skin hydrated onboard.

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to stash a face mist in your hand luggage or you can simply decant your favourite reviving toner into a plane-friendly 100ml spray bottle such as Twist and Spritz (£12)

A bristle brush

Two things happen to your hair when you travel. Dry air in the cabin creates static, which increases when your head rubs against the headrest. Then, if you’re travelling to a hotter climate, your scalp produces more oil so the roots looks flat and greasy by the time you hit the arrivals lounge.

Antioxidant serums

‘City skin’ is a term used by dermatologists for complexions assaulted by UV rays and exhaust fumes. These react together to product free radicals that eat away at the skin’s vitamin levels.

“In the mornings I mix one pump each of my Antioxidant Face Gel (£54.96) and Antioxidant Face Firming Serum (£75.96) in the palm of my hand and pat it on to the skin. Together they pack a punch, with pollution-busting vitamin E and collagen-boosting marine algae.” Finish with a layer of sunscreen over the top.

Capsule make-up collection

Keep your make-up simple when you’re travelling. Take just two lipsticks: one neutral, the other a bright shade with a sheer texture, which can double up as a cream blush (we love Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Passion Fruit, £19). “Or invest in a space-saving palette, which houses an array of eyeshadow shades and at least one blusher and bronzer,” says Marrone. “I created my Nude Sparkle Palette (£49.01) with this in mind so I have everything in one to take me from day to night.”

Eyelash curler

A foolproof way to knock ten years off your eyes is to use an eyelash curler. “I never leave home without my Mister Mascara Lash Curler (£7.15),” says Marrone. “I love thick curled lashes teamed with lots of eyeliner. This one opens up my eye, erases any signs of tiredness after a flight and gives my lashes amazing youthful volume.”

Weekend in the country

Soothing mask

“Normally, it’s hard to find the time to apply a face mask. But a relaxing weekend, when you have the benefit of a bit of extra time, is perfect for a more intensive treatment,” says Sarah Chapman, celebrity facialist and founder of Skinesis skincare. “I find the combination of grass and pollen in the countryside can leave my skin feeling sensitised and uncomfortable so I apply a layer of my 3D Moisture Infusion mask (£39 for four sachets) in the evenings.

“Each sachet contains moisturising hyaluronic acid – which replenishes skin after a sun-soaked day in the great outdoors – alongside rosewater, which cools and soothes the skin, and peptides that take down any redness. I keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling, calming treat.”

Matte sunscreen

“Although you might have escaped the pollution of city, you will be spending more time outdoors so sunscreen is a must,” says Sarah Chapman. Using sunscreen under make-up can be tricky as the texture is often greasy so use a matte version such as Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF30 (£38.90) to prevent creamy foundation and blusher from sliding off. Wait 15 minutes for it to sink in, blot your face to mop up excess grease, and then apply your make-up.

A pore-refining cleanser

In the evenings do as Korean women do and double cleanse. “Daily build-up of sunscreen can mean clogged pores and a dull complexion,” says Chapman. “I massage one layer of cleanser into my skin to lift away the sunscreen. I rinse, then massage in another layer to deep cleanse my pores and brighten the skin.” Try Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse (£40) for sensitive skin or Sanctuary Youth Boost Cleansing Oil (£13) if your skin is on the dry side.

Coral blusher

Right now, your summer complexion probably has a bit more colour than usual. “As well as being sunkissed, you may find your capillaries have dilated in the heat, making cheeks look ruddy,” says Chapman. A punchy coral shade of blusher will disguise it and make the most of the extra bit of colour your skin now has. We love Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Blush (£35) in Shade 500. It has an oil base so blended with your ring finger, it looks next-to-natural on the skin and gives cheeks a dewy flush.

Body massager

“Don’t forget your body!,” warns Sarah. ‘When we’re away our skincare regime often stops at our jawline, when the skin on our bodies, which is dehydrated and sluggish from heat and sun exposure, also needs some TLC. Making time for bit of massage will not only improve puffiness but will also continue to improve the look of firmer calf and arm muscles after days spent walking or cycling through the countryside.

“My Bodylift tool (£28) with massaging nodules takes up no space at all in your suitcase and rolled in upward strokes over your upper arms, thighs and calves, it can help to encourage the lymphatic system to drain toxins and give skin a lift.”

Beach holiday


Tropical balmy nights call for make-up that won’t slip when you perspire. “Create a barrier between your skin and the heat with a primer, concentrating on areas where you have fine lines and enlarged pores, such as the forehead, nose and chin,” says Jane Richardson, international lead make-up artist at Nars. Try Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer (£10.99) or Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer (£29). For the odd touch-up, skip powder and use oil-blotting sheets instead. They erase shine without leaving behind a powder tidemark.

Oil-free tinted moisturiser

“For sightseeing excursions, I always wear a tinted moisturiser to even out my skin tone and help keep my skin hydrated, especially when it’s recovering from the moisture-sapping combination of a long flight and sun exposure,” says Jane. “The texture is especially flattering on more mature skin as it gently softens any fine lines or wrinkles and leaves you with a radiant glow. Just make sure the tinted moisturiser you choose has a high SPF and massage in small amounts at a time.” Try Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 (£34).

Multi-tasking make-up

Save space in your luggage and pack multi-use products. “I’m a massive fan of the Nars Matte Multiple in Siam (£30) because it’s so versatile,” says Jane. “You can apply it to the cheeks and lips with your fingers or straight from the tube and use it wet for a sheer finish poolside or dry for a more vibrant pop of colour at night. Either way, it feels like it’s part of the skin and stays put in the heat.”

Creaseproof eye make-up

‘Long wear’ is the buzzword for eye make-up, with eyeliners in particular promising anywhere between eight-hour and 24-hour hold. “A long wear liner is a must-have for a beach holiday,” says Jane. “When you’re by the pool or on the beach, use it to create a soft line along your upper lashes as this creates the illusion of thicker lashes. Then for a night out, flick it out slightly at the outer edges for a touch of glamour.

“Don’t be afraid of using a brighter colour as it creates a more youthful, modern feel. Apply it just to the inner rims of your eye if you prefer. I love the teal blue trend. I’ll be packing the NARS Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner in Abbey Road (£19) for my holiday.”

Body oil

These are the new aftersuns of choice. Jane says: “I like to switch my usual aftersun lotion for a body oil containing coconut oil, which is known to help keep skin supple and protect its collagen reserves, as well as extend your tan longer than a lotion.” She likes Nars Monoi Body Glow II (£44). To make legs look slimmer, apply it along your shins only, where it catches the light.