Snow therapy: Finland comes to west London

After those chills, you’ll need something warming. What better than a Domecq Hot Toddy?

March 31, 2014 | By: High50

Take a unique Finnish therapy at west London's K-West hotel: a sauna followed by a roll in real snow. It's more than a gimmick – and you can warm up afterwards with a Domecq 1820

Snow spa_Naked couple_620 Corbis

Rolling in the snow: a wake-up call for the circulation. Photo from Corbis

We know all too well that a snowfall here causes more problems than it’s worth, but there’s one snow zone that not only promises health benefits, it’s available all year round.

The K-Spa’s Snow Paradise, in London’s increasingly cool Shepherd’s Bush, is the only place in the UK to offer this unique Finnish experience, where a steamy sauna session is tempered with a spell in a freezing snow chamber.

The climate shock from sweat to shiver not only enhances blood circulation but has a positive effect on the respiratory system and immune system.


Inside, the cold room adopts an au naturel look; a winter landscape surrounded by rocks and crevasses amid finest powder snow. There are no chemicals either: this stuff is as pure as, well, cold driven H20.

Two minutes in the -15˚C chiller is said to be optimum for health and harmony, and brave sorts are recommended to rub snow on to their bodies to cool off.

Post-procedure, a shower and a sit-down are suggested (as is, not surprisingly, a limit on immediate exertions).

Although this is a uniquely Finnish phenomenon, the Snow Paradise treatment room has been developed by German spa specialists Klafs, who hold a Best Equipment title from the European Spa Awards for its glacial compartment (or Scheeneparadies, to be precise).

So if you’ve grown tired of run-of-the-mill spa treatments, try a snow day next time. Snowball throwing optional.

Domecq 1820 ToddyDomecq 1820 inspiration

After those chills, you’ll need something warming, and what better than a Domecq Hot Toddy?

Fill a saucepan with 50ml of Domecq 1820, 10ml of honey, 10ml of lemon juice and 60ml of apple juice. Add some cinnamon and sultanas to flavour and heat the mixture until almost boiling. Pour into a latte mug, let it cool and enjoy some warming refreshment.