Make-up video 2: how to groom your brows
December 7, 2011 | By:
In our exclusive video series, make-up legend Mary Greenwell reveals how to lift the 50-plus face. This week: eyebrows. By Beauty Bible author Josephine Fairley

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So many make-up videos are a waste of (cyber)space. And so many are targeted at glitter-loving teens (often created by glitter-loving teens, as it happens…). But in her second high50 make-up masterclass, Mary Greenwell – one of the make-up world’s busiest professionals – shows how the perfect brow shape (and colour) can turn back the clock.

Press ‘Play’ to find out:

• How to shape a brow (and even ‘snip’ at strays with scissors).

• How to lift a face with the right brow shape.

• Why a baby’s toothbrush is your best brow-grooming friend.

• Why a green – yes, green! – brow product may be best for you.

• What Mary says about brow-tattooing.

No time to view right now? Try this Mary Greenwell tip: “Never use a magnifying mirror for brow grooming: it’s too easy to over-pluck.”

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