Make-up video 3: eyes
December 14, 2011 | By:
In our exclusive video series, make-up legend Mary Greenwell reveals how to lift the 50-plus face. This week: eyes. By Beauty Bible author Josephine Fairley

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When we’re smooth-skinned 20-somethings, eye make-up is fun. Rainbow shades and shimmering textures glide on to perfect lids, no problemo. But by 50-something, when we need all the help that make-up can deliver, eye make-up becomes A Big Challenge if we’re not to look like a panto dame (or worse, Barbara Cartland).

Nobody knows the secrets of perfect 50-plus eye make-up better than Mary Greenwell: face-maker behind a thousand magazine covers, make-up artist of choice for stellar beauties, and now the well-deserved star of this series of video tutorials.

Press ‘Play’ to find out:

• The perfect eye palettes: the brands, the shades, the textures

• Which eyeshadow colours look best where

• Un-scary tips for curling your lashes

• The best brushes and new techniques for applying mascara (and why there’s no need to spend a fortune on it)

• And why pale blue eyeshadow, when you’re 60+, can be like jewellery for the eyes (yes, really!)

No time to view right now? Try this Mary Greenwell tip: “Putting colour under the lower lashes – and applying mascara on the bottom lashes, too – can make the face appear as if it’s drooping down, and accentuate dark shadows. If you’ve always used eye make-up under the eyes, invite a friend round: do your eyes without applying shadow/liner/mascara underneath. Then with. Ask her honest opinion about what looks better. Isn’t that what best friends are for…?”

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