Make-up video 4: cheeks
December 21, 2011 | By:
In our exclusive video series, make-up legend Mary Greenwell reveals how to lift the 50-plus face. This week: cheeks. By Beauty Bible author Josephine Fairley  

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Mary Greenwell isn’t just a 50-something make-up genius at the top of her field; she’s a 50-something woman facing the same skin/sag/wrinkle challenges that all of us who live on a planet with gravitational pull have to face.

One of the greatest allies that we have at our fingertips, though, is make-up.  “The right blusher, bronzer and, in some cases, contour powder give a face back its youthful radiance in a flash,” says Mary.

Press ‘Play’ to find out:

• Mary’s prescription for a universally flattering blusher shade

• Where to apply blush (forget everything you’ve heard about ‘apples’)

• Choosing the perfect blusher brush

• How to slim a face with shading

• The art of applying bronzer for a healthy (but not ‘tanned’) glow

No time to view right now? Try this Mary Greenwell tip:  “Sweep blusher along the cheekbones and up the hairline beside the eyes, in a crescent shape, for a youthful glow.”

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