Make-up video 5: lips and the final reveal
January 19, 2012 | By:
In this series of videos, Mary Greenwell shows how to lift the 50-plus face. Watch the final instalment, showing lips and the finished look. By Beauty Bible author Josephine Fairley

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“The thing that will change make-up more than anything, at any age, is lip colour,” says Mary Greenwell, the genius behind this series of tutorials created for high50.

Having worn a signature red lipstick all her adult life, Mary knows first-hand that what worked at 20 doesn’t necessarily work at 50. “I was walking down Fifth Avenue and caught sight of a woman in a window coming towards me and all I could see was her red lipstick. Then I realised to my horror that the woman was my own reflection!”

That shaped Mary’s lipstick philosophy, and her ‘prescription’ for the perfect, flattering lip make-up for 50-something women.

Press ‘Play’ to find out…

• Why you need to abandon your red lipstick

• How shades that are too pale will wash you out

• The art of lipstick application (and why you can ditch that brush)

• A shade that works for everyone at every age

• And see for yourself how different lip colours transform a face (then do just that at home)

Stay tuned to the end of the video to see the finished face, with Mary summarising how the look was achieved and the tips to follow for an age-appropriate yet youthful make-up.

No time to view right now? Try this Mary Greenwell tip: “Using a lipbrush creates a lip look that is unnatural, old-fashioned and over-groomed. It’s just not flattering. I always suggest applying lipstick from the tube to top and bottom lips and smooshing them together to press the colour into lips. It will reach the lipline and just beyond without looking harsh.”

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