Make-up video: eye make-up tips for over 50s – including how to deal with thinning eyebrows
August 20, 2015 | By:
Lisa Potter-Dixon from Benefit Cosmetics shows a High50 reader how to deal with thinning eyebrows, and other make-up tips to help open and define the eyes

Make-up over-50s. Benefit. Thinning browsThinning brows are a fact of life for many women our age. As the laughter lines appear, our eyes appear more closed than they used to be, and the whites of eyes get duller.

We sent High50 reader Jacqui along to Benefit Cosmetics’ HQ, where Head of Make-up and Trends Lisa Potter-Dixon showed her how to get out of a rut with eye make-up. Lisa shows us the professionals’ tips for fuller, more groomed brows and brighter eyes.

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with thinning eyebrows and make them look fuller, more defined and more groomed
  • How to make closed eyes look open and brighter
  • How to use eyeliner to bring out your eyes (and it’s not the colour you might expect)
  • The secret to applying mascara to make lashes look thicker and longer
  • The make-up artist’s way to apply bronzer for a healthy natural look
  • The blusher to use if you’re not sure what colour suits your changing complexion

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