Pimp your locks: the grooming gurus
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Whether you want your lashes enhanced, excess hair zapped or follicles filled, these are the go-to gurus whose treatments are the haute couture of the hair world. By Caroline Phillips
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The hair care bunch: the names to remember

Last week we profiled London’s newest (and most expensive) haircut: The Method, by Rosanno Ferretti. Now we address the rest of your hair needs, whether you have some hair you want removing or are follically challenged, with four experts at the top of their field.

Dr Raghu Reddy: hair transplants

The modish thing in hair transplants is Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE – and phew! It’s what Wayne Rooney did, and costs from a mere £2.50 a follicle, though you’ll need a few thousand of them.

Hair transplant surgeon Dr Raghu Reddy is the acknowledged maestro at the procedure. He takes follicles from the back of the head where the hair is plentiful – it’s OK, you’re under local anaesthetic –  then grafts them individually to the place where the hair has receded.

It doesn’t leave scars like the old-time ‘strip surgery’ procedure and the results are fabulously natural and permanent. You can’t get more cutting edge when it comes to hair restoration.

And, as most of us have experienced some hair loss by the time we hit 50, it could become a must.

The Private Clinic, 98 Harley Street, London W1G 7HZ and other locations. Phone 0800 599 9911

Joanne Evans: laser hair removal

Then again, you may still have some hair you want removing, and for that, former nurse Joanne Evans is the queen. After her name, she has more letters than the Post Office, and she works her laser magic both on masters of the universe and ladies who lunch.

It is to her that les femmes turn for all matters hirsute. And for him, she does hairy back, toes, nose beard, chest, shoulders and bum, leaving him smooth as silk.

Joanne also does emergency work on other people’s clients, stepping in with her laser zapper when hair promotion potions go wrong. And she’s the one-stop call for the 50-plus folk who are sprouting.

Her meteoric rise started with royalty sneaking in from nearby Kensington Palace (though she doesn’t let on). And she now has a waiting list that runs the length of Hyde Park.

The Medical Rooms beneath the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London. Phone 020 7938 2195

Vaishaly: eyebrow threading and facials

Talking of princesses, you’ll see Elle McPherson, Nigella and Gwyneth coming out of Vaishaly’s salon. This lady is famed for threading and shaping eyebrows to look as if they were made in heaven. (It’s for this that the Vogue magazine girls have her in their little black books.)

Vaishaly, known as the Skin Goddess, is not only facialist to the stars but sells her own range of organic skincare products.  It says it all that, like Madonna, Angelina or Sting, she is known only by her first name. She has a waiting list of over three months.

Vaishaly, 51 Paddington Street, London W1. Phone: +44 (0) 20 7224 6088

Sue Marsh: eyelash enhancement

That just leaves eyelashes. And if you want them enhanced, look no further than eyelash supremo Sue Marsh. She’ll give yours an extension, or give that giraffe’s eye look by tinting them, or could even use a lift perming technique to curl ’em. Or remove them. It’s the slebs’ couture lash treatment of choice. And not at all hairy.

Cosmetics a la Carte, 19b Motcomb Street Knightsbridge London SW1X 8LB. Phone: 020 7235 0596