Powerful hacks for treating your skin before the big day
November 30, 2019 | By: High50

Walking down the aisle is pretty stressful thing to do, although, from the distance, it doesn’t look like it can cause so much trembling in your knees! Whether you are planning your own walk or preparing your daughter, sister or friend doing the “bride’s appearance” thing, on is for sure – flowing gown, perfectly modified hair, and skin that glows with an adorable smile is something we would all love.

No matter the skincare routine in the past, the bride probably wants to kick things into high gear before the wedding day. 

Skincare has been on your to-do list for a while, but you’re never sure where to begin. In this guide, we’ll share the most powerful hacks for treating your skin before your wedding day. You’ll be a blushing bride in no time! 

1. Start wedding prep early

It’s important to start your wedding skincare regimen as early as powerful. This is especially true if you’re dealing with any skin problems like acne, redness, or other problems. Developing good skincare habits takes time, and you might need extra help from a professional. If you’re not sure where to begin, visit a dermatologist or aesthetician who can help you set up a healthy regimen designed for your skin. 

2. Book monthly facials

The at-home facials are fun for some weekly self-care, but sometimes you need to bring in the big guns. A professional therapist is skilled in ways your at-home routine never will be, so start planning monthly facials at least 3 months before your wedding. 

During these facial sessions, an aesthetician will massage your skin, stimulate blood circulating, and even extract any clogged pores. Professional facials come with a lot of benefits. You can get an oxygen facial for blood flow, chemical peel for scarring and spots, or an acne facial to heal problem areas. 

3. Eat skin-friendly foods

Did you know some foods pack a big punch of power for you skin? Eating skin-friendly foods leading up to your wedding will help you prepare your skin to look even better. Your beauty regimen has to start on the inside and work it’s way out. Some skin-friendly foods include extra hydrating power to help you stay naturally hydrated. Foods to try are:

  • Watermelon
  • Grapefruit
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Cucumbers

Finally, make sure you stay away from foods that lead to skin problems. For instance, dairy is known to lead to things like acne, bloating, and inflammation. The same goes for sugary, processed foods. 

4. Try microdermabrasion

Have you ever wondered why men’s skin seems to age slower than women’s? A lot of this has to do with microdermabrasion. This term is quite the mouthful, but it simple means exfoliating the top layer of your skin. This helps reduce the appearance of pores, and it helps with scarring and preventing wrinkles. You can do this at a beauty salon with a facial, or even at home with small razors or tools.

5. Do a test run

Finally, nobody wants any surprised on their wedding day. Ensure you’re doing a test run with your dress, your makeup, and your hair before your big day. The more you’re able to prepare with some test runs, the more you’ll know how to prepare. 

If you still need to choose a dress, make sure you choose a style and colour that compliments your skin tone. Check these out for inspiration. Otherwise, make sure you know exactly what you want and how to style your makeup to suit your skin type. 

Bridal Beauty Routine

Are you prepared with your own bridal beauty routine? If not, it’s time to try these tips above. Start with a trip to a professional, and from there adjust as needed. 

The right beauty routine doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as it’s right for your skin type, you’re on the track to glowing skin on your special day.