Five rules for sensational looking skin
March 20, 2019 | By: High50
Keep your skin looking healthy and bright with these five simple tasks
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Stay hydrated, stay beautiful, stay youthful!

Looking young doesn’t mean being wrinkle-free. Even somebody who has looked after their skin, and hasn’t resorted to Botox or the knife, will have lines. But if their skin isn’t parched and dry, they’ll have a healthy glow. It might be down to good genes, but more often than not it will be thanks to a combination of good diet, preventative sun care and a moisturising regime.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. In common with other tissue, it ages. But unlike other tissue, the ageing of our skin is directly affected by our environment: stress, pollutants, the sun’s rays, smoking and drinking. Free radicals harm proteins, lipids and collagen, thus causing the skin to lose moisture, elasticity and firmness.

Here at High50 we list the five simple tasks that will keep your skin looking healthy and bright.

The five rules for sensational skin

1. Hydrate Don’t just drink water –  fruit juice, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables all add to your skin’s moisture content. Water helps to keep skin moist, whereas loss of hydration will make your skin tight, dry and flaky. And dry skin is subject to wrinkling.

2. Exfoliate Not only does this boost circulation, it removes dull and flaky skin by getting rid of the dead cells that clog up the top layer of the epidermis. Whether you use a body scrub, loofah or mitt do it at least once a week. Body brushing is another effective way of boosting your lymphatic system and getting rid of toxins. Do it every day for ten minutes, before your shower, on dry skin. Start at your feet and use slow, firm, sweeping movements towards your heart.   Your skin will feel so soft, so swiftly and as an added benefit, skin brushing is almost a meditation and is quite addictive. Using a face mask will also help. DAYTOX vegan range features a Peel-Off Mask which is great for mature skin.  It’s an intensive mask for deep cleansing and absorbs excess sebum, reduces impurities and with regular use combats the formation of blackheads.  The mask needs to stay on for 25-30 minutes and leaves the skin revitalised. It can be peeled off in one piece and the results are amazing.

3. Feed your skin Vitamins E and C are vital to nourish your skin. E boosts the immune system and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. C is essential for skin repair, ensures radiance and reduces wrinkles.  Foods rich in Vitamin E include sunflower seeds, shellfish, nuts (especially almonds, peanuts and  hazelnuts), spinach, broccoli, avocados and asparagus. Foods rich in Vitamin C, other than oranges and dark green leafy vegetables, include peppers, guavas, kiwi fruit, papaya, mange touts and berries.

4. Wear an SPF, including in winter It is important to get out in the sunlight to absorb vitamin D, but even in winter the sun’s UV rays are harmful. In winter you can get away with SP15.

5. Moisturise Moisture comes from both within and without so just do it.   Keep hydrated, eat well and slap on the moisturiser – not just on your face, but on your body as well: feet, hands, arms, legs, torso, bum, stomach. Everywhere, everybody! Daily moisturising will make your skin suppler and firmer.

Five creams we love:

For body

Aveda  products smell as good on men as women and the Caribbean Therapy range uses rich cocoa butter to moisturise (£27, 200ml).  Replenishing Body Moisturiser restores suppleness  with a moisture-binding blend of vitamins, natural humectants and oils. The Rosemary Mint Body Lotion (£22, 200ml) is invigorating and lightweight.

Like Aveda, Tisserand prides itself on being paraben-free and we love the Nourishing Body Butter and the Replenishing Body Lotion with soothing, ethically harvested rose, pink grapefruit and rose geranium oils, shea butter and extract of organic white lily.

E45 Moisturising Lotion (£4.89, 200ml) Great for men, this fragrance-free, easily affordable classic is lightweight, easily absorbed and replenishes and maintains moisture all day.

For face

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Divine Lifting Cream (£156, 50ml), formulated for mature skin, contains an optimal blend of anti-ageing technology that boosts natural collagen production and elasticity.

Clinique Maximum Hydrator for Men (£32, 50ml) is an intense moisturiser that rehydrates and firms the appearance of dry skin, minimising the appearance of fine lines.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate (£20 75ml) is a paraben-free formula is packed with nourishing ingredients that visibly improve the tone and feel of your skin, stimulating cell renewal and collagen fibres. It is a lovely scented light cream that is easily absorbed into the skin.

Hidraderm Facial Cream (£25.45 50ml) is an anti-ageing skin care product that hydrates the skin and moisturises the skin’s different levels thanks to the different molecular weighted hyaluronic acid contained in its formula. It leaves the skin feeling very smooth and soft with no excess residue often found in other moisturisers.