The five essential products every man should have in his bathroom cabinet
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We take a look at the five men’s grooming products that every man our age should have in his armoury, addressing skin, teeth and hair of all kinds (head, beard and, yes, nasal)

Male grooming. Six top products for men over 50.

Five things every man needs to counteract  signs of ageing

1. An electric toothbrush

Our teeth are like scaffolding for the face – start losing your teeth and you start losing your jawbone and when the bones on your face shrink your skin begins to sag.  So if keeping your teeth becomes a priority, an electric toothbrush isn’t just a super-efficient way to clean your teeth; it may well be the best anti-ageing product you’ll ever have.

The  Oral B Pro 6000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush, (£74.99), makes adequate brushing a cinch. It tells you’ve when you’ve brushed for the recommended amount of time as well as when you’re brushing too hard. Its design means each tooth is cleaned individually and the bits in between get a good going-over as well.

 2. A hair thickening product

By 50 around half of all men will have started to lose their hair. Though they’re working on it, there’s still no cure for baldness so in the meantime invest in a thickening shampoo.  Shampoos like this work by coating the hair with invisible thickening polymers that plump up the shafts so they appear to have more volume. Try Aveda Invati for Men (£25) – four out of five men who’ve tried it say their hair looks thicker and feels stronger or Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo (£9.99) which exclusively uses Ana:Tel to reduce hair fall.

3. A nasal hair trimmer

Make it part of your regular grooming routine.  For a good one try the Remington NE3450 NanoTech Nose & Ear Trimmer (£10.99), which has two heads: one for nasal hair and one to deal with ear hair and errant eyebrows.

If you’ve a veritable forest of nasal hair, try Nad’s Nose Wax For Men and Women (£9.94). It’s designed to remove nasal hair for several weeks at a time but leave the delicate cilia that line the nostrils.  As with all wax treatments, application isn’t exactly painless but the results are impressive and long lasting.

4. A night cream

As we age the skin’s natural renewal process (where cells are shed and replaced by new, youthful-looking ones) slows down and skin repairs itself better  while we’re asleep.

Use a night cream like Baxter of California Night Cream AHA (£26 for 120ml) to  nourish and hydrate skin while you sleep and exfoliate, thanks to Alpha Hydroxy Acid. You’re almost certain to wake up looking better than when you went to sleep – as long as you didn’t go to sleep at 3am and clutching a bottle of Rioja, obviously.

5.  A dark spot corrector

Try a pigment-busting product such as Clinique For Men’s Dark Spot Corrector (£42 for 30ml).  Specially formulated for men’s skin, it helps to brighten skin and break up clusters of melanin. A useful weapon in the battle against uneven pigmentation, blemish marks and age spots.


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