Five unusual London facials for mature skin, from ‘lunchtime facials’ to gold dust at Ila Spa and chopsticks at Ushvani
October 20, 2016 | By: High50

Nouveau A-Lift: Non-Invasive Facial Lifting Facial

Nouveau A-Lift: Non-Invasive Facial Lifting Facial

Nouveau Skin Therapy at the Nouveau Beauty Group 

What’s unique about it? It’s based on the latest nano-current technology. It uses nano-currents to increase Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) production in cells, promoting skin regeneration and improving overall skin health (it stimulates cells to act younger to combat antiageing).

What does it do? This is an age reversal treatment that improves skin hydration, texture, muscle tone, fine lines and wrinkles by naturally producing more collagen. This is a needle free, chemical free and pain free ‘face lift’ which produces results in just 30 minutes.

What happens? The therapist puts a water-based gel on your face and then uses the prongs to pass the nano-current into your skin. You do not feel an electric charge as the nano-current replicates that of your skin.

Pros and cons The treatment is relaxing and my skin felt plumped up afterwards. You can put make up on immediately and my skin was definitely glowing and soft to touch. It takes only 30 minutes so can be done in your lunchtime. You need to have at least 6 sessions for any lasting effects. RD

To book From £30 in Nouveau Beauty Salons across the UK.

The deeply, deeply cleansing facial

Dr Jules Nabet Revitaxin Facial at Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High Street

Beauty Unusual facials Dr Jules Nabet Revitaxin Facial 620

What’s unique about it? The L. Boxin ‘super mask’ infuses hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B3 and C and minerals and deep into the dermis without using a needle.

What does it do? This mask-led facial hydrates, reduces the appearance of pores, and revives dull skin. A glycolic acid peel removes the top layer of dead skin cells, to reveal brighter skin underneath and boost production of collagen and elastin in the new cells below.

What happens First a steam machine puffed at my face to open the pores, then Sylvia extracted blackheads and milia (tiny white/yellowish bumps made up of dead cells). Then the 20 per cent glycolic acid peel was applied (containing alpha hydroxyl acid, derived from sugar cane). It did tingle a bit, but then is rinsed off with a cooling lotion containing concentrated vitamin C to stimulate cell rejuvenation.

The L. Boxin mask then goes on and is left for 15 minutes, and it’s a strange sensation as it covers your eyes and mouth. Once it has dried hard it is lifted off in one.

Pros and cons This is not exactly relaxing but is the perfect facial if your mantra is no gain without pain. I loved it, for that feeling that my skin has been cleansed as deep as it possibly can. It felt soft and energised. However, I still had red marks two days later so avoid it if you have any sensitivity. This is probably the best peel you can have without chemicals or dermabrasion. Rosanna Dickinson

To book £100 for 60 mins at Dr Jules Nabet Medical Rooms or call 020 7938 2195

The facial the celebs love

Face Place at Rosewood Hotel London, Covent Garden
Beauty unusual facials The Rosewood Hotel

The Rosewood Hotel, a haven of calm off High Holborn

What’s unique about it? A whopping dose of liquid vitamin C and zinc is applied to the skin using a mild electrical (galvanic) current. This enables charged molecules to penetrate more deeply than just massaging the liquid in.

What does it do? The vitamin C plumps fine lines, hydrates skin and boosts radiance. Zinc is an anti-inflammatory, to soothe and even skin.

What happens? A warm custom-made mask is applied to open pores, then a yukka root solution disinfects the skin, to prepare it for extraction. This is done with the fingers, using a rolling not digging technique so that skin doesn’t get red or irritated.

The face is then swaddled in cloths saturated with the key ingredients, and the current applied. It’s painless, though you might feel mild tingling. A leather-like cone is placed over the face to create a gentle heat that helps the ingredients penetrate. The mask must have made me look like I was in a scene from Silence of The Lambs, but it was relaxing and I felt thoroughly vitamin infused.Best facials. Sense Spa_Rosewood London_Relaxation Lounge

Who has it? Face Place has recently arrived in London from LA, where it has had a celebrity client list for the past 40 years. Sadie Frost, Daphne Guinness, Meg Ryan, Rene Russo, Laura Dern, Sofia Coppola and Katherine Heighl are among its famous fans.

Pros and cons My skin overall was hydrated, smoothed and more radiant. But it’s a heating treatment, so avoid it if you get menopausal hot flushes or have skin redness, sensitivity or inflammation. Therapist Rowan kept the heat of the mask low for me yet it was still uncomfortable, and aggravated my rosacea. Aside from those patches, though, my skin was glowing, and the facial unusual and effective. My younger colleague loved it and Rowan was a wealth of knowledge when it came to recommending products to use on different skin types. Her advice was worth half the price tag at least.

Where is it? Sense Spa, in the plush, lush and hushed environs of the Rosewood Hotel, on a cobbled courtyard off High Holborn. A luxe talk-in-whispers, dark walls, thick carpets kind of a place that calms and cocoons you. Jacqui Gibbons

To book £130 for 75 minutes at Face Place | Rosewood Hotels or email Face Place

The South-East Asian chopstick facial

The Ushvani Penyepit Facial at Ushvani Spa, Knightsbridge
Beauty unusual facials Ushvani Spa treatment room 620

A treatment room at Ushvani Spa

What unique about it? Penyepit is the Malaysian word for chopstick, but you won’t be eating noodles: they are used in a rolling motion to massage the skin, gliding over the face while coconut and hibiscus oil nourish the skin.

What does it do? It aids lymphatic drainage to decongest this skin, tightens the facial muscles and improves circulation.

What happens? Your face, neck and décolleté are double cleansed using a coconut cleansing milk and a damascus rose toning water. A jojoba scrub follows, then the therapist gets going with the chopsticks following the linear structure of the muscles in the face.

A light mangosteen mask is applied next (an Asian fruit renowned for its rejuvenating, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties). While it’s drying you get a relaxing scalp massage using pressure points and deep rotations to ease tension in the head.

Pros My skin felt rehydrated and I could swear that the saggy bit around the jawline had been lifted slightly. You change into a fluffy dressing gown on arrival, and can use the relaxation area and hydrotherapy pool before your treatment (though personally I found that annoying: just put me on the table and get down to business!).

Cons The heated blanket on the table made me feel like I was having a hot flush the whole way through the treatment. Don’t plan to go out that evening, as there will be oil in your hair. And it did feel like a gimmick; what mad thing will someone come up with next to part us from our money?! RD

To book £150 for 90 minutes at Ushvani Spa

The gold dust (literally) facial

Ila Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Therapy, at Ila spas nationwide
Beauty unusual facials Ila Spa facial 620

Rosanna getting the gold treatment at Ila

What’s unique about it? Ila uses its own organic, chemical-free products. Its unsual blends include 24-carat gold dust and frankincense, along with a plant-based hyaluronic acid.

What does it do? Reduces signs of ageing such as dryness and lines, and the inflammation that can lead to redness, breakouts and rosacea.

Gold stimulates cells to produce more collagen and acids in the frankincense (an aromatic resin from the sap of a species of African tree, boswellia) have anti-inflammatory properties. The sonic wave therapy allows the serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin so the products are more effective.

What happens First I take three deep inhalations of sandalwood oil, which clears my nose and is immediately soothing. Then my skin is cleansed with the gold cleanser, which also includes sea buckthorn, a herb high in omega 7 and vitamin A, C and E. It smells deliciously of jasmine.

A serum, made up of hyaluronic acid, boswellia extract and argan oil, is then applied and the sound wave device rolled across my face. This gentle ultrasound enables the serum to penetrate into the deepest layers of skin, to instantly plump and hydrate.

I felt an immediate lifting, tightening and brightening effect on my skin from this delicious facial and was almost too relaxed to drive home. RD

Who goes Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz.

To book £150 for 60 mins at Ila Spa