Five ways to look as good as Tom Cruise at 53 – without spending his Hollywood budget
August 19, 2015 | By:
Did you see Tom Cruise at 53 in the Sunday Times Style magazine? You too can be a HOFF (Hot, Fit and Fifty) with some simple male grooming and maintenance
Male grooming. Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Rogue Nation screengrab4

Tom Cruise in his current blockbuster, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: definitely a HOFF (Hot, Fit and Fifty)!

For ladies of a certain vintage, and I’m one of them, Tom Cruise will always be the star we had our first proper crush on. While tastes, fashion and movie stars come and go, it has to be said that Tom Cruise still looks good and has proven to have staying power.

Two weeks ago, the Sunday Times Style magazine pointed out why. It seems Tom has teams of professionals working on each and every aspect of his appearance. Stomach: team of personal trainers. Hair: team of colourists and stylists. Teeth: team of dentists. Skin… you get the picture.

The results undoubtedly speak for themselves. Tom at 53 could show stars half his age a thing or two. But what about the rest of us who don’t get paid millions and millions for a little celluloid time?

Turns out, we too can keep our looks for as long as we want, provided we’re prepared to put in the effort.

1. Look after  your teeth

“Look after it while you’ve still got it,” is the cut and dried advice of dentist Dr Muhammed Ali. He explains that teeth are the secret tool in your arsenal of personal appearance tricks. They don’t need to look bleached or be Hollywood perfect (or bland, depending on which side of the divide you are on) but they do need to be cleaned regularly and checked for cavities.

“Keeping your teeth in good order will keep you looking younger as they don’t just help you chew, they also hold up facial tissue and show your general state of health,” he says.

2. Use male skincare and moisturiser 

As The Times pointed out, HOFFs (men who are Hot, Fit and Fifty) are getting in on the latest beauty treatments and technology. My significant other has most certainly embraced his inner HOFF. I booked him a facial a few years ago after a beach holiday and inadvertently gave him all his birthdays at once.

While beauty is a billion dollar business, with new developments emerging all the time, the basics are remarkably simple.

Ursula Wylie, a beauty therapist with her own salon, says that the basic foundation everyone can build on to keep their skin in tip top shape is “lots of water and sunscreen”. She also suggests that HOFFs and everyone else re-evaluate the skincare products they use every so often, as your skin can change.

Also, lavish moisturiser on your hands and feet as well as your face and neck. They are good markers of age and many of us, especially men, forget about them.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Fit bod: you don’t have to go crazy lifting weights but you do have to keep your body active

3. You HAVE to exercise and manage your weight

If you’re not a natural gym bunny, knowing that exercise can give you an attractive glow might just be the thing to get you off of the couch and moving. It works for me.

You don’t need to morph into a marathon runner, but you do have to move your body. We’re all aware that sitting is the new smoking, so for those of us who are desk jockeys, it is even more important to incorporate exercise into our daily lives.

Apart from keeping your weight down, exercise flushes toxins out of the system and, with a system that’s working on all levels, you will look like a million bucks.

4. Keep your hair in tip-top condition

It’s suspected that Tom Cruise keeps the grey at bay through a complex process that sounds like every strand gets coloured individually. Never mind the cost, who has the time?

Colouring your hair is just one option you have, though. Grey can be cool, hip and happening – and very attractive – if you keep your hair in fantastic condition and splash out on a good cut.

You can give yourself a great hair mask with warm olive or coconut oil. But for the cut, treat yourself to the best stylist you can afford. They are worth every penny.

5. Enjoy life, stay curious, have adventures

It’s true that the first thing we notice about each other is appearance, but once that moment has passed, it’s the personality that leaves a lasting impression. So don’t neglect yours!

Live la dolce vita. Nurture your friendships. Go to theatres, galleries and cultural activities. Toast the celebrations. Listen to music. Dance to whatever moves you. Travel to far-flung places. Having adventures keeps the spirit alive, and that shows on your face too. In fact, it’s probably the best beauty treatment of all.

Just because we don’t have the same amount of zeroes in our current account as Tom Cruise, doesn’t mean we can’t look at nifty in our fifties, and beyond.