High-5-ho-ho-ho: here comes Christmas!
November 16, 2013 | By: High50

With five weeks left, we’re drooling for Yule. Today we bring you the first of our articles on surviving the season in style, and check back on Friday for the first of our special Christmas deals

Christmas lights cluster zoom2-620 Corbis 42-49787430Over the next fortnight, high50 will be featuring all sorts of information on how to make the season swing. Then, in December, we’ll ease into the final preparations.

So here’s the plan: if we start online now, we can sort out all the parties and presents, food, booze and decorations – and still have time to book a holiday out of this damp hellhole that we call home.

Before or after the big day, though? That’s the question. Whether ’tis nobler to buy craftwork in Austria one weekend this month, or wait until Boxing Day and make a sprint for somewhere hot?

If the former, check out today’s article on the best Christmas markets.

If the latter, wait until later this week, when boutique-hotel connoisseurs Mr and Mrs Smith will be divulging their suggestions for last-minute reservations in warmer climes, specially picked for people like us.

On Friday, we’ll be opening our Christmas shop with – first off – our new friends at LuxDeco, the Net-a-Porter of home decoration. Our interiors expert has got together with them to find something for every interior and most pockets.

In the upcoming weeks, my-wardrobe will be back, along with more new and exciting partners. Plus, Raymond Blanc will be sharing his recipe for an alternative Christmas dinner; our own Elaine Lemm will do the same for puddings; and Naked Wines will be meeting your vinous needs with some amazingly discounted half-cases (chosen by the cult wine-webster Spittoon).

All you’ll need then is a party frock or a dicky bow – and our style editor Maggie Alderson has all that in hand.

But first, we want to tell you where to buy a Christmas tree online, what to download for your seasonal soundtrack and – maybe most important – how your shopping can help others less fortunate.

Oh yes, we’re all heart at high50.

Happy Christmas!