70s Christmas Revival

Forget self-restraint. Let’s embrace a kitsch, 70s-style Christmas as we bid farewell to bloody 2020.

By: High50

Bleak headlines. Economic woes. Is anyone else getting a 70s vibe from the current situation? This probably explains why everyone appears to have gone Christmas crazy – an explosion of tinsel, wreaths, inflatable Father Christmas’ and fairy lights. John Lewis claim that demand for trees, baubles and wreaths is more than double that of last year. Christmas Trees started appearing as early as mid-November – opening-up a market for replacement trees in mid-December when all of their needles have dropped. Power grids risk collapsing under the demand caused by outdoor displays, making Chevy Chase’ efforts in the wonderful National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation seem understated.

It doesn’t require a behavioural expert to explain this outburst of colour and kitsch – 2020 has been shit, we’re all fed-up, every other celebration was cancelled, so now we are going to go big on lights, gaudy displays and sparkle.

It is no surprise that most of the iconic Christmas bangers were written in the 70s – an era when the primary purpose of the festive season was to provide a distraction from day-to-day reality and restraint took something of a back seat. Merry Christmas Everybody.