At the cutting edge: five knives for your kitchen.

Want to cook at home like a pro? Then you need to invest in some high quality kitchen knives.

By: Louis Thomas

Want to cook at home like a pro?  Then you need to invest in some high quality kitchen knives.  The good news is that they will last a lifetime of cooking, so long as you treat them well   Here’s our quick run-down of some of the best knives available – treat yourself!

Wüsthof Classic Chef’s Knife

A real workhorse in the kitchen, this is the all-rounder knife for everything and the first thing that any trainee chef will buy. It is precise enough to dice an onion and sufficiently sturdy for splitting chicken bones. The blade is as sharp and durable as you would expect from one of the world’s finest knife makers. Beautiful balanced and comfortable in the hand, it will quickly become your go-to for all manner of tasks.

Zwilling Pro Paring Knife

For delicate tasks which require a degree of precision, like trimming an artichoke or segmenting an orange, the paring knife is the best utensil for the job. After the chef’s knife it is probably the second most used in the kitchen, and therefore it makes sense to invest in one which is well made and will stand up to frequent use.

Norden filleting knife

The ideal knife for slicing beautiful fillets of fresh fish, the long, flexible blade enables you to cut cleanly and with minimal waste. It’s versatility goes beyond that though – wafer thin slices carved from joints of meat are also possible with a tool of this quality. This beautiful knife from the Fiskars Norden collection is apparently inspired by Nordic cooking traditions and Finnish knife-making heritage.

Aogami Traditional Yanagiba 330 mm

This exquisitely crafted masterpiece of knife-making is an investment which will last a lifetime. It’s beautiful design is the culmination of centuries of Japanese metalworking expertise – the marriage of the high carbon steel and Aogami Super steel at the core, make it one of the finest blades available, a similar technique to that used in the manufacture of samurai swords. A knife of this incredible quality must be treated with respect, and, for the aspiring sushi chef who wishes to make a statement, this is certainly the piece.

Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife, 20cm 8”

No set of knives is complete without a serrated blade – though, despite the name, its usefulness goes beyond cutting through crusty loaves. This is also ideal for dividing up bars of chocolate or slicing through soft tomatoes. Given how frequently you will be using it, it makes sense to purchase one so well-made that it will (almost) last a lifetime.