Cycling after 50.

Cycling expert Chelsea Smith gives us the lowdown on safe cycling after 50.

By: High50

Whether you’ve always been a bike enthusiast or are only now looking into cycling as a form of exercise, here’s the lowdown on how to get the most from your cycling experience.

Wearing a helmet is essential

The laws vary in different countries, but even if wearing a helmet isn’t compulsory you’d be foolish to undertaken even the simplest ride without a proper helmet.

Watch Your Knees

Knees let most of us down in the end. Cycling is generally pretty easy on those ageing joints, but knees can suffer. Problems can often be avoided with the simple solution of adjusting the height of your saddle, giving more room for your legs, and therefore, more room to stretch them and avoid inflaming the joints and muscles surrounding your knees.

When cycling in colder conditions, knee and/or leg warmers are also a good option.

Stay Hydrated

As with all physical activities, hydration is essential for good cycling performance. It will improve and stabilise your cardiovascular system’s workings, enhance the muscles of the heart and blood passageways, increase muscle mass and make muscles leaner.

Hydration replenishes. It replaces water which the body loses as it sweats. Water assists the body’s metabolic processes and is a natural calorie-burner.

The recommended interval for hydrating during cycling workouts is every 10 to 15 minutes. Doing so can boost your stamina for a more productive cycling session.

Maintain your bike

Fans of professional cycling will have observed the vast army of mechanics accompanying the riders. Cycle maintenance can make a massive difference to performance and safety, so make it a habit before every ride.

Join Cycling Group

Cycling with friends who are cycling enthusiasts will motivate you to stay the course, literally and metaphorically. In the event that you become less motivated in exercising, your group can help you get back on your feet (or on your wheels) and press forward.

About the author: Chelsea Smith is the editor and content creator at Cycling Hacker. She’s crazy about all things cycling and spends most weekends exploring mountain biking trails in her home state of Utah.  She has put together this great guide on how to get the right gravel bike.