Five essential pieces of kit for your home workout.

Our personal fitness expert, Rob Devenport gives you the lowdown on home workout essentials.

By: High50

With more of us steering clear of the gym and exercising at home, these are the key items of equipment you need for an effective workout.

Gym mat – the essential item for any home workout.  Not only does this protect you from the hard or abrasive surface it also protects your floor from potential damage.  I generally have two mats, one for me and one for the equipment.  To protect myself I use a foam mat with a minimum of 6mm thickness. One of my favourites is the Adidas Training Mat, which incorporates closed cell technology foam to minimise moisture build-up which helps keep it fresh.

TRX – most of the gyms you’ll go to will have one of these for an intense body weight resistance training session. Also you’ll save space and it’s portable, not to mention you can pretty much put this up anywhere – door jam, wall hooks, tree branches.  There are other varieties from other companies but I find these the most reliable.

Reebok adjustable step/deck – this can be used in so many ways as a fully adjustable weights bench or as a step for some serious leg and cardio sets.  It even has a secret compartment to stash small equipment bits.

Block weights – instead of needing a full rack of dumbbells, these clever little chaps can be adjusted in just seconds, which is particularly important when you’re training with two exercises and need to vary the resistance quickly.

Resistance bands – these are super useful to work the lower limbs and also great for rehab.  They hits the parts that weights can can’t isolate effectively, such as engaging those lazy abductors and glutes. If you want to really feel the buns burn then these are a must!

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