Good On You.

The app that helps you discover ethical brands, check the promises of your favourite fashion retailers and shop more responsibly.

By: High50

Fashion has a sustainability problem – it causes pollution, generates vast amounts of waste and doesn’t appear to take much of an interest in human rights.  This is why we love Good On You – a great source of brand ratings, articles and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion. Want to know where to find leggings made from sustainable material, how to buy ethical denim or check whether your favourite high-street fashion store measures up to its ethical promises? – then Good on You is the app for you.

The Good On You app was launched in Australia in 2015 and reached Europe three years later.  It has built an incredible database of thousands of fashion brands, whose sustainability performance is measured according to their impact on people, the planet and animals. This includes making sure that they follow best practice when it comes to workers’ rights, the use and disposal of resources and their impact on animal welfare.

The secret of its success is the focus on praise rather than blame – it celebrates the designers and brands who are doing good and connects them with the growing number of conscious shoppers who want to look and live better.  In this way, fashion brands and retailers are encouraged to put ethics and sustainability at the heart of their business and shoppers are armed with the information they need to make smart, sustainable purchasing decisions.