Holiday dreaming.

They can take our holidays but they will never take away our dreams.

By: High50

We are stuck in lockdown. Governments tell us not even to book a holiday, let alone escape the routines of the past 12 months. A walk in a muddy park is as exotic as it gets. But at least we can dream, whether our imagination is sparked by lazing on a tropical island or something more adventurous.

One positive thought onto which we can hold is that the anticipation of a holiday can be almost exciting as the trip itself; plus you spare yourself the hassle of packing and airports and missed connections and destinations that fail to live-up to the promises in the brochure.  Think of all of the disappointments we have been spared.

Perhaps your imagination needs to be fired by a good travel book, if so, here’s a useful list of new travel-related publications put together by the team at Good Reads.  For those who prefer television inspiration, the always engaging Michael Palin has made the most of lockdown by compiling his Travels of a Lifetime.

Once you’ve caught up with family and friends, which holiday destination is topping your list?