How to keep up energy levels when running a business in your fifties.

Decades of running a business can make you world-wearied and sceptical. Business consultancy Growth Idea provide their tips on how to sustain your energy levels.

By: High50

You might never get back the sheer excitement and infectious optimism that motivates people at the start of their careers but there’s nothing at all to suggest you can’t revive a measure of that verve and enthusiasm as you move into your fifties. Drawing on scientific research – and the personal insights of a few business owners – we’ve come up with four ways you can keep your energy levels rising in defiance of your age.


The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. It isn’t uncommon for elite athletes to employ a sleep expert to enable them to get the most out of the night-time hours. To perform at their best, they need to have quality sleep.  The same is true of all of us.

Part of sleeping consistently well is routine and the other part of it is maintaining that routine. Almost all of us know the disruptive impact blue light can have on our sleep but how many of us are disciplined enough to turn off our TVs, laptops, tablets and phones in the hours before going to bed? Waking up at the same time every day and resisting the temptation to stay up well into the night are two ways you can improve your quality of sleep and rejuvenate your daily energy levels.

On the subject of sleep, we have been sent this useful guide on the ways in which using a dehumidifier can counter insomnia.


A lacklustre diet really takes its toll on your health. Making the effort to eat different food groups and plenty of fruit and vegetables – and keeping the quantities of fatty, sugary treats in your diet to a minimum – can have a dramatic impact on your wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet reduces sluggishness and ensures that your body is filled with all the nutrients you need to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.


Healthy body, healthy mind is a bit of cliché point but there is a massive amount of truth behind it. Exercising floods the brain with serotonin and dopamine – the feel-good hormones that bolster your mood. Your weekly schedule needs to have time carved out of it for working on your fitness. It’s amazing the difference getting into shape can have on your overall mood. Finding a healthy work-life balance is so important. Long hours of toiling away at the office with no respite can be deeply damaging – leading to a loss of motivation and burnout.


If your work doesn’t interest you, you run the risk of plateauing. The thought of each day has to get you revved up. Maybe you’ve never taken the time to consider what really motivates you? Whether it’s overcoming challenging circumstances, expanding your business in partnership with a trusted consultancy like Growth Idea, or finally landing the sale you’ve always treasured, you need to find the thing that energises you. If your current role isn’t doing it for you, maybe you should consider taking a different route.