Man in the Middle

The trials, tribulations and all round angst of a male Boomer. A man caught in the middle of the generation gap.

By: High50

This has become our favourite diary of the trials, tribulations and all-round angst of a male Boomer.

The diarist shares his amusing and sometimes poignant accounts of a life spent walking the tightrope between the demands of his mother, wife and kids, when all he wants is more ‘me time’. He speaks for many of us when describing his current situation as ‘Post Crash, Post Covid, Post Libido, Past Caring. Ecce homo. Ecce Boomer. Ecce Man in the Middle.’

In his most recent post, our Man in the Middle shares the ‘joys’ of waking-up on his 60th birthday – ‘The New Year has retched up another miserable milestone. Today is my sixtieth birthday. Oh, Boomer, how did this come to pass? … I am nothing more than a non-vintage wine passing its drink-by date, pale and unnoticed.  From this day forth, the only things I can be certain of are that my prostrate will swell and the purchasing power of my pension will shrink.’