Online fitness offer – save up to £40.

Lockdown special online fitness offer for High50 subscribers.


We’ve partnered with online fitness and wellbeing platform Ponzu to offer you the perfect way to work-out during lockdown.

Ponzu connects you with premium fitness professionals who will personally guide and encourage you through a range of fitness disciplines – the closest thing to a real-life class. You can choose to take part in anything from Yin Yoga, Dynamic Pilates, HIIT Cardio or Strength training.

Ponzu doesn’t rely on pre-recorded content and instead connects you with real people and in real time, giving you a much more engaging and effective fitness experience. The skilled instructors can help you perfect your work-out technique, avoid harmful exercises and provide social contact. As Anna Forbes, the co-founder of Ponzu says, ‘As inherently social creatures, we crave real connections that simply cannot authentically be created with an on-demand recording – and that’s exactly what our platform overcomes by providing you with real-life professional training partners.’

Ponzu uses a monthly subscription model, with a range of options to cater for every budget – and users can cancel their subscription at any point. New users can enjoy their first month for free and High50 subscribers will receive an additional 50% off the cost of their second month, worth up to £40, if they sign-up during lockdown.