Rediscovering your inner carnivore.

Why eating meat may still be good for you.

By: High50

We have all been told that fruits and vegetables are the best sources of nutrition and to cut down on our meat consumption, especially in our 50s, but is this necessarily the best advice? Despite the negative press, there are genuine benefits from eating meat. Here’s a list put together by Carnivore Style.


Protein in meat is known to be complete. It contains all the amino acids that are crucial for your aging body. Animal proteins are natural and healthy. You need no more protein powder if you’ll include meat in your diet


Meat is rich in iron. It prevents anaemia and increases the immunity of the body’s system.


At the age of 50, muscles start to degrade. High-quality protein from meat is proven to prevent muscle loss and increases muscle mass.


When more meat is added to your diet, including animal products such as dairy and eggs, production of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids is enhanced. All of which have important roles in maintaining bone health.


Memory gap and memory loss are the most common signs of aging. Animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy are the only natural sources of Vitamin B12. It promotes proper brain function and a healthier nervous system.


The omega-3 fatty acids from meat benefit your heart health. It can decrease triglycerides, lower blood sugar, and normalize blood pressure.

Blood Sugar

A high protein and low carbohydrate diet can help to control blood sugar levels. Some diets prove that eating more meat than vegetables has a lot of unexpected benefits for adults.


Zinc helps maintain a good immune function and promotes faster wound healing. The best meat to choose is beef. It is the top dietary source of zinc for your diet. 


High protein diets that mostly include lean meat and poultry products are best for weight loss. Not exactly recommendable, but the keto diet has some amazing proof for this claim. Since it is a little bit risky for your age, going on a low-carb diet at a normal rate will help you lose those extra pounds


No doubt. Meat has good taste. With minimal herbs and spices, you can achieve a restaurant-bought meal.

Is meat really healthy?

Apart from the mentioned benefits above, meat is part of a healthy heart diet. People in the second quarter of their life have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

How often should I eat meat?

First of all, always think of quality over quantity. If you are about to be a carnivore or just add meat to your diet, you should understand that not all meat in the market is created equal. You can check this comparison review for more info.

It’s a healthy diet to consume no more than 500g of meat a week. You should eat at least one meal with meat daily Then again, you should always assess the capacity and capability of your body. 

Aging adults have different responses to the food they eat.