Shaken and stirred

The essential items for your home cocktail bar.

By: Louis Thomas

With more of us drinking at home, now is the time to invest in some equipment to up your cocktail-making game, besides, what better way is there to blow away the winter blues than with a stiff drink?

BarCraft 350ml Cut Glass Cocktail Shaker

A good shaker is integral to any home bar, whether you’re making a margarita or a martini. With its cut glass tumbler and polished metal strainer and cap, this shaker looks effortlessly classy, lending a refined edge to your evening aperitif. The simple, timeless design, coupled with the ease of use, make this an essential piece for those dabbling in mixology and seasoned cocktail makers.

Olympia Cocktail Mixing Spoon with Fork Copper

This double-ended tool is surprisingly useful for creating various concoctions – the classic twisted design of a mixing spoon is elevated by the nice touch of the copper colouring and the fork end, to make it both more versatile for drinks making and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home bar.

Vacu Vin Cocktail Muddler

Useful for extracting flavours from fresh herbs and citrus, for drinks such as a Mint Julep, the muddler is an underrated tool for cocktail making. The Vacu Vin model’s toothed rubber cap is perfect for bringing out the aromas of ingredients without scratching the mixing vessel. It’s easy to clean and easier to use.

OXO Steel Angled Jigger

Though a deviation from the classic jigger design, this product is as useful as it is innovative enabling extreme precision for making drinks. The angled measuring scale allows you to see exactly how much you are pouring, and with markings for measuring ounces and tablespoons you don’t need a conversion chart when trying out a new recipe.

KitchenCraft Lemon Squeezer

The simple, sturdy design allows you to get as much juice as possible out of citrus, enabling you to make the perfect sour with minimal effort, and minimal waste. An added bonus is that it’s dishwasher safe, and compact, so it’s easy to live with.

Ice Sphere Mould

Far from being a novelty, spherical ice actually melts slower, which means your drink is less likely to be diluted before it is finished. Professional ice sphere makers can cost thousands of pounds, but a similar effect can be achieved with this nifty bit of silicone.

Victorinox Peeler

The final flourish of so many good cocktails is a shaving of citrus peel for garnish.  With the simple and sharp Victorinox Peeler these little finishing touches can be perfectly executed, every time.