Steps to Healthy, Happy Ageing.

Check out these tips for leading a better and healthier lifestyle.

By: High50

“Treat your body like a temple”. Everything we do with our bodies  – the food that we eat, our daily physical activities, a healthy mindset – all contribute to our overall well being. Small changes can have a positive impact and reduce the risk of an unhealthy old age. Some aches, pains and health problems are inevitable but it makes sense to act now for your own benefit and that of your family and society. Nobody wants to be a burden as they grow older.

  1. Ask the question honestly: “What’s the state of my health?”

Start by having a general checkup with your doctors at least once a year to monitor vital levels such as blood pressure, heart rate, BMI etc. New technology means that many of these checks  can also be carried out at home. Accept that you are not physically the same as in your 20s or 30s and adjust your diet, alcohol intake and exercise regime to reflect this. Your physician could recommend vitamins and supplements which can help you maintain a healthy body. There are even recommended protein powders for the elderly

  1. Eat smart and healthy.

As we grow older, our digestive system weakens. This means that we cannot consume as much food as before and we are not as efficient at extracting nutrients. We need to reduce our carbohydrates and increase our consumption of vegetables, fruits, and high-protein products other than meat. Taking food supplements with other vitamins is good for you as well

  1. Exercise daily!

A good diet is best paired with a routine of daily exercise. A mere 15-minutes of exercise can help you burn off excess calories as well as stretching your muscles. If you keep your body active, it will push your organs to function better and keep them in good condition. Take advice from a GP, physical therapist or trainer to find an appropriate exercise plan. Always start with light and moderate exercise before trying out high-intensity routines. Once you find the right exercise regimen, make sure to do it regularly but factor in rest days and remember that you’re exercising to be fit and healthy, not to be bulky.

  1. Have a positive mindset and avoid stress.

Avoiding stress is the key to maintaining a positive outlook on life and staying healthy. While some stress is inevitable, it can lead to health problems including headaches, elevated blood pressure and problems with eating. One way to avoid stress is to find a hobby that you really enjoy and indulge in it. Learn a new instrument, a craft, go walking or start writing or painting. Make sure you make time every week to do something you love.

So eat healthily, exercise and be happy! Avoid stress and focus on the good things in your life.