Surviving Dry January.

How to keep going with your (alcohol free) Dry January.

By: High50

How’s Dry January going for you? Only half of adults who decide to take on the challenge of Dry January actually end up completing the month-long detox.  If you need some encouragement to keep going over the next few weeks and resist the siren-call of the gin and grog, here are some tips from the experts.

David Brown from alcohol-free cocktail company Nocktail says, ‘hold yourself accountable.  Team-up with a mate or with a family member,  or perhaps raise some money for a cause you care about. Secondly, fill the void that alcohol once was able to do – find some lovely alcohol-free substitutes (the options available now are mind-blowing), most of the time you’ll be able to find something almost identical to your favourite alcoholic tipple… just minus the booze. Thirdly and finally – track your progress. I love the app I Am Sober, it counts your sober days, motivates you with milestones and shows how much money you’ve saved – which will change your life and perhaps even convince you to keep going beyond the golden mindful drinking month of the year. All in all, don’t see it as a challenge but as an empowering and positive lifestyle switch up.’

Life coach Zoe Mallett suggests that you ‘List your top three reasons for taking part in Dry January. These can become your goals. Throughout the month there may be occasions when you want to give up and you start asking yourself why you decided to do this in the first place. Understanding your reasons, then looking and thinking of them like goals may help you push through the moments of ‘weakness’.  Now, let’s take ourselves forward to the end of January. Put yourself in the mindset that you completed the entire month without one drop of booze. How does it feel looking back at the last month having not had one drink? Do you feel proud? Remember to reflect post-January as there will be some valuable insights into who you are. What were your proudest moments? Have you learnt anything about your relationship with alcohol? What was the biggest insight from this experience? Can you take any learnings into your everyday life? Then celebrate your small win, relish in your accomplishment.’