The cost of a comfortable retirement around the world.

Where in the world should you go to enjoy a comfortable retirement?

By: High50

We can debate the definition of a ‘comfortable retirement’ but this new survey from NetCredit suggests that it might pay to change country (or maybe even continent) if you want to make your money go further.  According to the research, in the US or UK you’re going to need over half a million dollars in the bank to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

The most expensive country in the world to retire is Bermuda, where you would need $1,065,697.

Pakistan is the cheapest country in which to retire. You would need $182,018 to maintain your lifestyle there.

In Europe the five most expensive countries in which to retire are Switzerland, Luxembourg, Iceland, Norway and Ireland (so warm weather is obviously not a guide to retirement) and the cheapest are somewhat narrowly located from a geographical perspective – Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

To help you plan your retirement relocation, NetCredit has produced this useful maps.  Where are you planning to relocate once the world comes out of lockdown?