The Lovecraft Investigations.

Based on the original stories of H P Lovecraft – one of the masters of ‘weird fiction’.

By: Alison Thomas

Based on the original stories by H P Lovecraft this is a series of three dramas written by Julian Simpson and currently available on BBC Sounds. Described as ‘an investigation into witchcraft, the occult and secret government operations’, the drama unfolds through the eyes of podcasters Matthew Heawood and Kennedy Fisher in locations as diverse as the east coast of the United States, Iraq and rural Suffolk. In the first series, ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward’, a young man goes missing from a locked room in an asylum, leading to a chain of events which will draw in Matthew and Kennedy as they investigate for their podcast ‘The Mystery Machine’. The story unfolds in the second series, ‘The Whisperer in Darkness’ and the third, ‘Shadow Over Innsmouth’. Will Matthew and Kennedy survive for a fourth series?

With a cast of quality actors, great sound effects and fast-moving action, this was one of BBC Sound’s most popular podcasts last year. So if you enjoyed following the original Mystery Machine in the 1970s, you’ll probably love this. Yikes Shaggy!