The most affordable five-star destinations.

Where to find luxury for less. The best country to find a bargain five-star break.

By: Alison Thomas

As the vaccine programme rolls out and the days get longer (and possibly even warmer) it’s time to start planning for a post-pandemic holiday. If the restrictions on travel over the last year have left you with a longing to get away and you fancy treating yourself to a luxury hotel you might find that it is cheaper than you thought. Hotel booking forum Hoo has analysed the nightly room rate at five-star hotels across 32 top destinations and found that the most affordable country for a five-star stay is currently Indonesia where their research found that on average, staying in a luxury hotel comes in at just £140 per night! Vietnam and Poland are home to the next best bargain room rate for a top-class hotel stay, with the average five-star room costing £148 per night in both countries. The UAE, India and Chile also currently come in at less than £200 a night. At the other end of the scale, Switzerland will cost you an average of £836 per night and the UK comes in at an eye watering £798 per night for a five-star stay.

Hoo co-founder Adrian Murdock suggests researching your chosen destination carefully first: ‘Five-star accommodation can differ dramatically in price depending on your destination of choice. However, it’s also important to remember that the classification of a five-star hotel can also differ from one country to the next – the standard of top hotels can even be different within the same city. Research is key to ensure you find the right place for your stay and reviews can be invaluable when gaining insight into a particular hotel.’ He also recommends contacting the hotel directly to negotiate a price and asking for extras such as room upgrades and meal packages.

‘Particularly in the current climate many hotels are struggling and will be more than happy to meet your needs to secure your business,’ Adrian adds.

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