The return of travel.

Time to start planning your post Covid trip.

By: High50

It may still be too early to renew the travel insurance and check the passport expiry date, but there are positive signs on the horizon of the return of international travel.  Perhaps it’s a post-vaccine bounce, but travel agents are reporting an increase in long-haul bookings for the second half of 2021. According to TUI, the UK’s largest tour operator, 50% of bookings on their website are currently by the over-50s.

It is unclear what restrictions will still be in place, even after a vaccine, but with so much pent-up demand it might be a good time to start making tentative plans.  Just make sure that there is a free cancellation option in case we experience Covid Round Two (or it is Three?).  Skyscanner has a useful summary of the latest Covid-related travel information for anyone who doesn’t feel they can wait until the situation becomes clearer.

The announcement of an additional public holiday in the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on 3rd June 2022 – which in addition to the rescheduling of the traditional late May Bank Holiday to the 2nd June has created a four day weekend – has also resulted in a surge of enquiries from people who are serious long-term planners.

So what’s on the High50 bucket list?  Hopefully, you have managed to roll-over some of your unused 2020 holiday allowance into this year, which means you can think long-haul.  According to long-haul travel specialists Hayes & Jarvis, the top 10 destinations generating the most interest are:

1. Thailand
2. Bali
3. Kenya
4. Sri Lanka
5. Maldives
6. South Africa
7. India
8. Tanzania
9. Hawaii
10. Arctic/Antarctic cruises

The absence of China from this list might indicate something of a pandemic backlash, whilst the tough restrictions on visitors imposed by New Zealand and Australia might be dissuading travellers from considering those countries as potential destinations in 2021.