The Storyteller

Rock God tells nearly all … with plenty of fun along the way

By: High50

Not content with being part of two of the biggest rock bands in history, guesting with numerous others and being considered ‘the nicest man in rock’, Dave Grohl can also write. Of course he has a great story to tell, from Washington punk, through the chaos of Nirvana and his emergence as global rock treasure, but most importantly he can also tell a good story.

The latest book from the coolest 50-something on the planet, The Storyteller – Tales of Life and Music, began as a series of Instagram musings during Lockdown. It captures the sense of fun, playfulness, honesty and ability to tell a good tale that characterises Grohl’s press interviews.

We also love his latest incarnation as a disco god, with the Dee Gees – the perfect homage to the legendary Bee Gees.

Grohl’s musical tastes are eclectic. His mantra appears to be to have as much fun as you possibly can … peppered by the regular f-word.¬† Respect.