Still master of the boards at 52!

Some of us struggle to get up the stairs at 52. This man has just repeated one of the toughest tricks in skateboarding.

By: Martin Thomas

The legendary skateboarder, Tony (‘the Birdman) Hawk has just shared a video of himself making a 720 degree aerial spin at the age of 52.  He admitted in a Tweet that it was ‘a battle’.  He hadn’t pulled-off this trick for three years, was battling dislocated fingers and let’s be honest, old age.  He claims that this is the last time he will attempt the 720 and is auctioning off the board he used to a charity for public skateparks – we’re not sure if we believe him.

The most impressive thing about the film is to witness the number of times Hawk fails in the attempt – but he dusts himself down, ignores the bruises and just gets back on the board.

It is 23 years since Hawk stunned the skateboarding world by pulling off the first 900 at the X-Games. We think this is more impressive.

Chapeau Birdman!