Travelling solo

Advice for female travellers

By: High50

There is no reason why women shouldn’t feel sufficiently confident to travel solo.  The risks are obvious, but often exaggerated. Tragic stories will invariably grab the headlines, but more and more women of all ages, especially the over 50s, are experiencing the unique freedom and flexibility that comes from travelling alone.

Digital technology has certainly made things easier and potentially safer. Those of us who travelled in a pre digital era could not rely on online reviews, instant communication with friends and family and smartphone apps – somehow we survived!

Most of the advice comes down to using your common sense and applies equally to female and male travellers:

  • Check reviews before booking accommodation, especially those that comment on the local neighbourhood;
  • Avoid unlicensed taxi drivers;
  • Avoid arriving at your destination late at night;
  • Keep your money and bank cards safe and know what you need to do if they are lost or stolen;
  • Keep to busy streets, especially at night;
  • Try not to look too much like a tourist … especially a wealthy one;
  • Tell friends and family where they can find you;

The team at Bankrate has also put together this useful guide for female solo travellers, with a particular focus on safeguarding money – losing your bank cards is one of the biggest travel hassles.

Have fun and be safe!