Travelling through art.

How the landscapes of Eric Ravilious allow us to travel in our minds.

By: High50

We are starved of travel stimulation; the only places we can visit are in our minds. Which is why we love the Twitter feed dedicated to the work of English artist Eric Ravilious.  This modernist painter, book illustrator, ceramics designer and wood-engraver is enjoying a renaissance, thanks in part to an exhibition of his work that toured the UK in 2019 and 2020.

Many of his watercolours are inspired by his beloved Kent and Sussex.  The worlds he depicts are deceptively simple (almost naive) but his technique, using a subdued colour palette and rarely featuring human figures, helps draw you into the landscapes.

If you are interested in exploring Ravilious’ work. we recommend this excellent introduction by Susie Hodge. And when we can start going to galleries again, why not pay a visit to The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne, which features the largest permanent collection of Ravilious’ work.