Vegan travel guide.

This useful guide from the team at Love Holidays provides essential reading for vegan travellers.


It has been predicted that in 2021 the number of people in the UK enjoying a meat-free diet will hit 12 million, and a significant proportion of these will be vegan. Most supermarket chains have now launched their own vegan ranges and fast food is much more readily available – Greggs’ vegan sausage roll anyone? And a growing number of people may not be vegan but want to cut down on meat and dairy consumption for health and ethical reasons.

While it is relatively easy to follow a plant-based diet – or accommodate other requirements such as food allergies – at home, it can be a major headache when you are travelling. Loveholidays.com have come to the rescue with a useful travel guide which showcases the best destinations to enjoy vegan food around the world and also provides a list of links and resources while you are on the move. As the number of people with potentially serious food allergies is also on the rise, the guide offers practical advice on dealing with allergies and intolerances while away from home.

The handy AirVegan app provides information specifically on airport food while the VeganXpress app gives lists of restaurants and fast-food outlets in whichever area you find yourself. TripAdvisor and Happy Cow provide up to date reviews and contact details while there are a number of food apps, such as Foodsaurus which will help you to translate labels and menus and communicate with the waiter. The guide gives you ideas of where to head from Taipei to Berlin (with its staggering choice of 83 vegan restaurants) and from Botswana and Morocco to Toronto, Seattle and everywhere in between. In the UK the cities of Bristol, Brighton, Leicester and Newcastle get a mention for their wide range of restaurants.

As with any trip, preparation is key and it is a good idea to make sure you have some useful phrases translated  in advance as well as making sure you have some emergency snacks with you and any supplements you regularly take. All this and much more can be found here.