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By: High50

As every day passes, the UK’s population grows older.
Nearly a million people turn 50 every year.

By the year 2030, 40% of us will be more than half a century old. We will be living longer. Working longer. Consuming more. Leading healthier lives. Contributing more to our families and society. Giving more back.

We will hold an estimated 80% of the UK’s wealth.

Yet we live in a society that is obsessed by youth. The Media and marketeers struggle to understand and identify with this evolving, and extraordinarily economically powerful 50 plus demographic.

But not at high50. Our agenda is distinctly pro-age. We’re here to address the imbalance. To inspire, connect, celebrate and reward people (like us) over the age of 50.

We’re unashamedly commercial. Because we see that older people, and the brands products and services that want to connect with us, can be powerful changemakers.

Together we can create a better world for people over the age of 50. And that is good for everyone.

Age has its benefits. Welcome to high50.