Disrupt Aging Now! 5 inspirational Age Disruptors
October 19, 2016 | By: High50

Disrupt Aging-cyndi-lauper-still-having-fun-jukeboxHigh 50 is delighted to discover the American-based Disrupt AgingIt’s sprung from the book, Disrupt Aging, written by Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons).

We love their attitude:

It’s time to change the stories we tell ourselves about ageing. It’s time to change the systems and products that surround us. It’s time to disrupt ageing.

Don’t you hate it when people make assumptions based solely on someone’s age?
“He’s never going to be able to keep up here. We’re a young company.”
“She’s running a marathon?”

Ever do it yourself? Ever do it to yourself?
“I’m too old to learn all this new technology.”
“I missed my chance to be my own boss.”
“There are rules about how a woman my age should dress.”

Or accept that the way things are is the way they have to be?
“I wish Mom could stay in her own home, but it looks like the nursing home is our only option.”
“When did everyone start to think I’m too old to wear stylish shoes?”

It’s time to change the story about ageing. It’s time to change the stuff around us.
It’s time to look at the bigger picture, too, and demand what we want — from our car, our home, our workplace, our doctor, our communities and more.
It’s time to Disrupt Aging. And we can all play a part.

Let’s choose how we want to live and age.

High50 agrees.

The site is home to articles that they write themselves and source from round the world. It also led us to anti-ageism the site Yo, Is this Ageist?  started by pro-aging radical, Ashton Applewhite, the author of This Chair Rocks. No target is too intimidating for the spirited Ms. Applewhite who commented on an article in Time Magazine in which Joel Stein wrote an article entitled ‘Why Older People Shouldn’t Vote – and Other Ideas Unpopular with my Parents,’:

‘It’s satire. The fact that people aren’t sure whether the piece is intended to be funny shows that demeaning older people is widespread and usually unchallenged. Write to Time and ask whether the magazine would insult any other group of people in similar fashion’.

Here we pick 5 articles from Disrupt Aging on inspirational ‘age disruptors’:

Ari Seth Cohen, the photographer who started photographing stylish women over 50 for his Advanced Style blog and who has an Instagram following of 163,000.

Cyndi Lauper, the 63-year-old ultimate age disruptor who talks about Girls Just Want to Have Fun and takes on ageism in a video interview.

Yvonne Watson, who is Dean of Fashion at the Parsons School of Design in New York, hopes to reinvent fashion for the 50+ generation and says, ‘We want to serve different populations other than the ones from size 4 to size 6. We had a student who developed a collection based on clothing that could expand or contract. You could wear that garment and be a size 8 or be a size 18 – clothing interacting with user.’

Sister Madonna Buder, the 86-year-old ‘Iron Nun’, who completed her first Ironman Triathlon aged 52. Since then she’s completed 325 triathlons and in 2012 became the oldest person in the world to finish the race.

Jeffrey Pang, the 65-year-old Chinese cook and You Tube sensation with nearly a million followers. Watch his most popular recipe for Chinkiang-style pork ribs.

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