Private view: one man’s pictures of the art world
October 6, 2011 | By:
These photographs from Dafydd Jones' new exhibition, Scenes from the Art World, just opened in London, capture  the British art set at play

Thirty years ago, it was a brave Brit who wanted to be an artist. For all but the very best, a life on the breadline beckoned. Then along came wunderkind Damien Hirst, dealer Jay Jopling and collector Charles Saatchi. Brit Art was born, and attracted the global new money quicker than a banker at bonus time. Art became sexy. The West – or East – End art party was the place to be.

Photographer Dafydd Jones, 55, was there, recording the personalities at play as they upped their media profiles and their prices. These pictures are from a new exhibition of his work, Scenes from the Art World, that runs from today until 16 October at the Idea Generation Gallery in London.

For more information, visit Idea Generation. To buy prints of Dafydd’s work, go to the gallery’s online store.

All images above are © Dafydd Jones