The Beach Boys’ best bits (1)
April 18, 2012 | By: High50
The Beach Boys were more than just Surfin' USA. From instrumentals to a capellas, warm ballads to sunshine rockers, we select five of the finest moments from their early years that you might never have heard.

[field name=beachboys8]
The Lonely Sea, 1963 (from Surfin’ USA)

[field name=beachboys7]
Kiss Me, Baby, 1965 (from Today!)

[field name=beachboys3]
Stoked, 1963 (from Surfin’ USA)

[field name=beachboys6]
The Girl From New York City, 1965 (from Summer Days…)

[field name=beachboys5]
And Your Dream Comes True, 1965 (from Summer Days…)

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