Best shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and where to see them now around the rest of the UK
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Eight of the best shows from the festival (7 to 31 August) and, if you're not going, where to see them now around the UK, including Dillie Keane and Bridget Christie. Chosen by Lucy Handley
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Bridget Christie’s first book is out next month

Eight of the best shows from the festival (7 to 31 August) and, if you’re not going, where to see them now around the UK, including Dillie Keane and Bridget Christie. Chosen by Lucy Handley.

Bridget Christie: A Book for Her

An Edinburgh stalwart and multi award-winning comedian, Bridget Christie has now written a memoir, A Book for Her, out on 2 July and coinciding with her Edinburgh show, now touring all over London.

The Telegraph named last year’s show as one of the top five of the year: “A crusading, beautifully constructed, supremely entertaining show“. Get tickets early.

London shows throughout June and July, Edinburgh from 3 to 31 August

Luisa Omielan: Am I Right Ladies?!

Following on from the success of her first show, What Would Beyonce Do?! comedian Luisa Omielan is back with her own brand of humour, covering everything from morning-after etiquette to her experiences with an LA agent who criticises her figure.

Luisa Omielan Am I Right Ladies

Luisa Omielan

“Here in Hollywood, the women are really skinny and glamorous and that’s not really you,” she’s told, to which she tells the audience: “Bitches, I get it. I like looking fly, but I also like Greggs.”

Luisa Omielan is on tour around the UK in June and July and at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 13 and 15 August.

Fake It Till You Make It

“Bryony is an outrageous, hilarious and fearless performance artist from London,” says the publicity blurb for Fake It Till You Make It. “Tim is an outrageous, hilarious and fearless account manager from a top advertising agency.” They’re also a couple – so far, so aspirational.

Six months into their relationship, Tim reveals that he suffers from severe depression. This might not sound like the basis for a comedy, but The Guardian called it ‘darkly funny’, and it deals with a topic we need to be much more open about: depression in men.

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Bryony and Tim

10-18 July at the Purcell Room, Southbank

8 and 9 August, Forest Fringe at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Dillie Keane Solo Show

Dillie Keane usually performs as part of the Fascinating Aida trio, three women who sing silly songs, dance and satirise political goings-on.

Olivier Award-nominated Dillie is going solo for the first time, to look back at her 30 years of song writing, and the show promises to be full of “gorgeous songs of love and hilarious songs of disgraceful filth”.

Dillie Keane - Photo by Johnny Boylan_620x349

Dillie Keane

Now until 14 June at The Pheasantry, London

6-31 August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

One Man Breaking Bad: The Unauthorised Parody

Breaking Bad fans rejoice: LA actor Miles Allen is bringing his one-man show to the UK, describing it as a “farcical love letter to all the people who went through the bloodbath and tears of Breaking Bad and who are wanting to kind of go on a nostalgia trip and laugh at all the different things that made it so special to them”.

He’s the guy behind the ‘homeless man does Breaking Bad impression’ YouTube hit and manages to cover all 60 episodes of the show in an hour.

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27 July–2 August Great Yorkshire Fringe

7-31 August at the Edinburgh Fringe

Richard Herring

RichardHerringHeadshot 620x349

Richard Herring

Definitely not Edinburgh preview shows (but worth breaking the rules for), because for the first time in 28 years Richard Herring has decided to remain in London this August, to stay in his own house for free rather than paying “£3,000 for a month in a flat that might charitably be called ‘studenty”’.

Anyway, he’ll be performing all 11 of his previous stand-up shows, from Christ on a Bike (for which I handed out flyers at Edinburgh in 2001) to his new one, Happy Now.

Friday and Saturday nights throughout August and the first two in September at the Leicester Square Theatre

Daniel Bye: Going Viral

“A new virus is sweeping the globe. A plague of weeping. You work in online marketing. This wasn’t what you bargained for. And why do you seem to be immune?” asks Daniel Bye in his show, which is part performance, part lecture, part comedy.

He’s been on tour in Mumbai and you can catch him in Newcastle and at Latitude Festival before he heads to Edinburgh.

Daniel Bye 620x349

Daniel Bye

Going Viral tour dates


After his turn in last year’s Wonders of the Universe (where three professors danced to a voiceover by Brian Cox), Gwyn Emberton returns as Dylan Thomas, in a performance dealing with his marriage to Caitlin.

Caitlin 2

Gwyn Emberton as Dylan Thomas (seated) and Eddie Ladd as Caitlin

Set at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, surrounded by a circle of chairs which the audience fills, the couple – a ‘modern-day Kurt and Courtney’ – dance as they drink, fight, love and leave each other.

5 and 6 August at Chapter Arts, Cardiff

21-30 August 2015 (except 24 August) at Dance Base, Edinburgh