Why your New Year’s resolution should be to have sex with a younger man, by two women in their 50s
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Anne and Jo are gorgeous 50-something women and they're both having sex with younger men. They say 2016 should be the year you try it
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Younger men are open-minded and up for adventure, say these 50+ women

Stuff the ‘cougar’ tag! 2016 should be the year we get rid of the older woman/younger man taboo, say Anne and Jo, two women who are both 50-something and have lovers 20 years younger. We asked them why:

1. Younger men make you feel more desirable and fun and gorgeous than you ever believed, and how great is it to get your mojo back and flirt, flirt, flirt?

2. There is an unequalled high when they prefer to be with you than someone their own age. You can be 50 and proud of it.

3. They have no hidden agenda – unless they secretly think of you as their mother. (Keep praying that you don’t know their mother.)

4. You’ll get the feeling of ‘why wasn’t it like this for me when I was his age?’ but at least it’s not too late and you’re experiencing it now.

5. Twenty-somethings keep you on your toes and squeezed into your high heels.

6. They have hair on their head, rather than growing out of their ears. And it’s not grey and wispy.

7. They smell nice (rather than musty) and have fresh breath (unusual in men over 50).

8. They make more of an effort with their clothes and understand that style has nothing to do with comfort. (Men, here are some top tips on looking buff at 50. Please take note.)

9. Joy of joys, they are eager to please in bed: they want to sexually prove themselves to you (always bear in mind Mrs Robinson). You can wear sexy underwear without feeling like you’ve made too much effort.

10. Younger men are open-minded, up for adventure and trying things things you may not have done before. They are just as open-minded inside the bedroom as outside it.

11. Cynicism isn’t in their mindset because the future hasn’t let them down yet. They’ve had less time to be hurt – and to hurt others.

12. Less baggage: there’s no ex-wife and three kids and you won’t have to listen to how many A*s little Johnny got.

13. They are impressed by you, as you’re independent, smart, confident and not needy. Your younger man may actually ask you questions rather than presume he knows more than you.

14. They have so much energy you can have sex until you can’t walk and, as the saying goes: ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’.

15. You’re an equal rather than an accessory. They accept female empowerment as the norm. Remember, to behave like a little girl in this relationship is just annoying and a turn-off.

16. They’re more natural and honest in their courtship, as they haven’t had years of playing games. (Banter is fun but playing games is boring, OK?)

17. You will be forced to see things differently. Mainly because you will be pretending that you don’t wear glasses.

18. Music to your ears: you get to go to gigs of bands you may not have heard of. And you can dance surrounded by good dancers rather than old shufflers.

19. Without a serious aim in mind, you become more open and relaxed without pressure for commitment. Just live for the day or, as Scarlett O’Hara says: “Tomorrow’s just another day.”

20. You’ll have a laugh (come on, it’s way more fun than Midsomer Murders).

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