Does this make me a cougar?
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Cougar sam-taylor-wood-and-aaron-taylor-johnsonI’ve got a part time younger lover. Does that make me a cougar? Nope, I’m not a predator at all. I’m an average single mum, albeit a bit of a late starter.  I work full time, still have a mortgage and have become self-contained due to a combination of reasons.

I’d been celibate for nearly three years. A bit of a waste, in my opinion, but you don’t miss what’s not there although I did go slightly weak at the knees when my local bin man gave me a bear hug one Christmas Eve.

I know that I’m my young lover’s guilty secret but that’s ok with me. I don’t want to be wined and dined or paraded around. I have my own house, my own style, my own habits. I’m used to my own company. I like having the radio on in the kitchen, I like watching rubbish TV occasionally, I like scented candles, cushions and sitting in bed reading with the two cats cuddled up next to me. I have been known to wear pop socks under jeans in the winter and I sometimes forget to shave my legs. I’m set in my ways and don’t want to lose any of that.

When we met it was at work and I fell head over heels instantly. My friend, who worked in the same office as him, suggested he speak to me about a work-related issue – I have the reputation of knowing a little bit about everything. He rang and asked if I could spare him five minutes.

We clicked. There’s no other way to describe it. The words just tumbled out between genuine smiles and the feeling of instant trust. When he left he smiled and said, ‘I like you’. That was it, I was smitten. I just wanted to be with him, talk to him, find out about him, listen to him. It wasn’t sexual attraction. It was total attraction. It certainly wasn’t mere lust.

I thanked my friend for sending him to me and she apologized, thinking I was being sarcastic. She still doesn’t know our secret and that was over a year ago. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and smiling. A few days later my world crashed and burned when I found out he was 19 years younger than me.


To be continued…..

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