Does this make me a cougar? Part Three
October 25, 2016 | By:

Cougar part 3 Susan Sarandon and toyboyOne evening, a week or so later, my mobile rang. Now to anyone else this would be a run of the mill occurrence but not to me. I must top up all of twenty quid a year, which shows just how social I am. I had just been given a friend’s old mobile and I had no idea how to use it. Oh the panic! After a bit of juggling I managed to hold it up the right way, press a button and say hello. It was him! He suggested I grow foxgloves in my garden and then we chatted for half an hour or so. I’m not sure if I was more impressed with managing to answer or the fact that he rang me. Nothing was said about the ‘I’m not a cougar’ text.

Then, on Friday afternoon he walked through the office where I work. He said hello to me and then chatted to a work colleague, asking his name, what he did, what he was up to at the weekend and what time he was finishing. He then asked me what time I was finishing. ‘About 4’ I squeaked and blushed like a schoolgirl with a crush. He wished us both a good weekend and left. My colleague commented how nice he seemed and I agreed trying desperately to appear unflustered. A couple of minutes later I got a text saying ‘pub by station’. I bounced out of the office like a demented Tigger! 60? I could’ve been 16 again.

Well, that’s how we met. I made no move, dropped no hints and didn’t knowingly flirt at all. I told him that I enjoyed his company and that he made me smile. We didn’t stop talking and laughing about anything and everything. We went to the pub twice and both times he hugged me when we parted. Both times I completely froze with my arms by my side like a child being hugged by a distant relative. It was so unexpected suddenly being crushed to a man’s chest. Physical contact wasn’t on my agenda in any way, shape or form. I simply hadn’t considered it. I didn’t think for one moment that he would find me attractive and I was quite happy just looking at him.

I made a comment that I couldn’t afford pub prices and that I could buy an entire bottle of spirits for the price of a round. Being clueless about the price of drinks I didn’t realise he’d been ordering doubles! So, I suggested we sit in my garden next time and was totally bewildered when he replied, ‘Can we be trusted?’ I laughed, assuming he was joking.

I took a few days off work just to enjoy the summer weather and potter about in my garden. He rang one evening and we chatted. An hour later he rang again and said he was on his way round. I clearly remember running around in a panic muttering, ‘Oh my God, oh my God’. I’d been out in the garden all afternoon and was sweaty, had no make up on and was not exactly dressed in my usual smart work clothes.

Anyway, we sat on my garden bench and had a couple of drinks in the evening sun. He dresses extremely stylishly and always wears a dark suit and a white shirt. He took his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt a little and then told me to sit astride the bench with my back to him. He slid along so that he was pressed hard against me and started massaging my shoulders. I stopped breathing. My friend became my lover.

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