Does This Make Me a Cougar? Part 10
January 10, 2017 | By: High50

Cougar 10

Well, Christmas is done and dusted for another year and, surprisingly, it went well. Tom, my ex, did all the cooking and so I let Rosie, his girlfriend, get on with helping him. I’ve only got a galley kitchen so it’s absolutely impossible to fit three people in. Tom and Rosie aren’t exactly sylph-like so no amount of breathing in would’ve helped. I stayed out of the way happily faffing around lighting a real fire with my teenager’s help (I wasn’t allowed to use firelighters) and arranging the dining table with my newly acquired chairs.

I bumped into my lover at work the week before Christmas. It was so strange seeing him out of context, fully dressed and behind a desk. We made polite small talk for a few moments until I moved on and chatted to some of his staff. He rang me at home that evening and we put the world to rights until my landline died. How was I meant to know that I need rechargeable batteries in the handset and not ordinary ones!

I didn’t hear from him over Christmas. I didn’t buy him a gift. I worried about it quite a lot and decided to do nothing. Right at the beginning I made it clear that I would never make demands. I’ve kept to my word although I would love to see him. I like just looking at him. He makes me smile. Next time he rings I will gently suggest meeting up and will probably hold my breath waiting for his reply.

My New Year’s resolution is, ‘Don’t just think about it, get on and do it!’ which covers a multitude of sins. I adored The Rocky Horror songs when I was younger and my resolution is inspired by the song Don’t dream it, be it, which I used to play over and over on my portable cassette player. So, I may paint my living room chimney breasts orange, learn to crochet, wear green or I may tell him that I want to see him.