Does This Make Me a Cougar? Part Five
November 8, 2016 | By:

Ashton Kutcher and Demi MooreWhen I was younger I would have jumped to lots of conclusions. Does he like me? Is he seeing someone else? Have I done or said something wrong? Now I don’t worry at all. I accept his occasional company as simply being wonderful. The icing on the cake with a cherry on the top!

I make sure that I do things that I like with my time and refuse to get pressured into doing things that I don’t. My overall happiness isn’t dependent on seeing him or anyone. My happiness and contentment is of my own making.

I admit that I’ve dabbled in online dating a couple of times but it’s like seeing a fabulous silk scarf in a shop window only to find that it’s cheap nasty polyester once up close. My ill-fated dates have ranged from a man with no teeth to a man describing himself as, ‘the one wearing buff trousers and a matching shirt’. Buff? Really?

Nowadays I can spend hours and hours in my garden plotting and planning and then doing nothing. I can watch romantic comedies. I can read chick-lit and eat porridge at midnight. I can dance around the kitchen with manic abandon safe in the knowledge that nobody can see me.

Believe me when I say that I’m not a lady that lunches or a yummy mummy. I’m just your average aging girl next door juggling to make ends meet. However, when I think about it objectively I’m far more than that. I have my own house that I have nearly paid for, I work full time, I dress well and I’m intelligent and articulate, I’ve got a gently warped sense of humour, I’m fairly slim, fairly attractive in a slightly faded way (blue-eyed, silvery blonde) and I’m generally described as being ‘nice’.

I’m not lonely, needy or clingy and I like my own company. I don’t ask questions that I don’t want to know the answer to. He’s told me a lot about himself, his hopes and dreams, which I respect. I know there’s no future but I will always have memories of the past. I honestly wouldn’t ever jeopardise my lifestyle for a man at my age.

He’s been like that magical moment when a rainbow appears in a grey sky or the first flurry of snowflakes when I was a child. Knowing him has added a bit of glitter and sparkle but without him my life is still ticking over just fine. He is simply a fabulous bonus.

Sometimes I wonder how he would describe his relationship with me. Would he describe me as his guilty secret or as a special friend? Should I describe myself as a cougar or just someone that was in the right place at the right time when the electricity crackled and the silk scarf turned out to be real silk.

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