Does This Make Me a Cougar? Part 6
November 16, 2016 | By:

table for 4 cougar part 6Now you can see why having a part time lover works for me – no chandelier swinging this Xmas! At least, not by me and not in my house!

I get a bit miffed when I see all of the TV adverts stressing that a new sofa is just what I must have AND in time for Christmas. Why? Does it really matter what you sit on? Surely that’s missing the point of Christmas just slightly.

Admittedly I need to purloin another dining chair as my non-existent plans have just skewed. I’m really good at planning and thinking ahead and so have deliberately made no plans at all for Christmas. My 16-year-old simply isn’t interested in presents or what food he eats and is perfectly happy gaming and chatting online to his friends scattered around the world.

I’m a single mum. I’m not religious. My siblings are nowhere near and, whilst we are a close enough family, we rarely see each other. My parents died a long time ago. I split up from teenager’s dad over ten years ago and, thankfully, we’ve reverted back to our original friendship. He’s had a succession of somewhat dubious girlfriends over the years and is now with a lovely one, in her thirties:  let’s call them Tom and Rosie.

Tom and Rosie are struggling with the extortionate rent in this area. I work full time but the pay isn’t exactly worth shouting about and I still have a mortgage so I can’t wave a magic wand and help. Plus, whilst he may be a fair bit younger than me (by 11 years) I’m not his mother. This morning I receive an email from Tom asking if he and Rosie can stay with me in my house for six weeks over Christmas. This will allow them to leave their current flat and move into a cheaper one. The cheaper one isn’t vacant until the end of January and this will give them a chance to ‘save’ a month’s rent for the next deposit.

My house has just enough space and so I’ve agreed. Teenager may accuse me of being soft and a pushover. Work colleagues instantly told me off and said I’m being used and taken for granted. I’m just being kind. I would want someone to help teenager and me if we got stuck. So, I need to find another dining chair and another dinner plate as things come in threes in my house. One for me, one for teenager and one spare that’s hardly ever used. Surely this sums up the spirit of Christmas more than a new sofa?